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Meredith Michalski |

Serving Cheesman | City Park | Uptown | Wash. Park | Country Club | Cherry Creek | Cherry Hills

Serving Cheesman | City Park | Uptown | Wash. Park | Country Club | Cherry Creek | Cherry Hills

Serving Denver's Hottest Urban Neighborhoods


Exceeding Expectations

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Selected Listings

Looking for a home?  Selling a home? Check out my pre-built searches listing homes in Denver's best urban neighborhoods like Cheesman Park, Capitol Hill, City Park, Uptown, Congress Park & Wash. Park and surrounding... all my favorites! ~ Meredith

Starters & Investment


Entry and Investment Properties. Singles & Condos across Denver's most popular neighborhoods. Augment your net worth and purchase a fixer to flip, fix and rent or find your first home and put that rent payment in your own pocket! I work with Investors and First Time buyers alike!

Mid Range & Family


Denver's city neighborhoods offer some seriously awesome opportunities in this price range. Choose an upscale condo or an urban single family. Lots of options in this price range, but you need to move fast as quality moves quickly in these prime neighborhoods at this price level. This is where having me in your corner can help!

Upper Mid to High End


In search of a larger home in the city? Suburbs not on the list? Denver's city neighborhoods offer a wide range of style and sophistication not found in many other cities. Whether a classic Denver square or swank modern condo, this price range can be very exciting - and very competitive! Let me help you win your prize home!

Not a skier? Now is still a great time to buy! Use one of my pre-built searches above or build your own by using the link below. I would love to help you find your next home... Please don't hesitate to call or text any time! ~Meredith

My Guide to Buying


Good local schools, walkable retail shops, great municipal services, convenient public transportation - these are a small number of factors many consider when choosing where to live and which home to buy.

And it’s details like these that I’ll always be able to provide you with.

No matter your budget, I have the perfect home to you. I will be with you every step of the way, from helping you narrow your search to guiding you through the negotiation process.

Everyone deserves to own the home of their dreams, and you can be next. Interested to find out more?

Contact me to see how we can get started.

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